Main goals of the Unit

Message from the Director

The Unit for Special Biochemical Analyses operates under the frame of academic activities of the Department of Biochemistry the University of Patras School of Medicine. Main goal of the Unit is to provide high quality healthcare services by performing speciliazed biochemical analyses.

The expertise and the organizing skills of the faculty members and the technical staff of the Department of Biochemistry along with the state-of-the-art facilities of the Department of Biochemistry ensures the development and accomplishment of a series of biochemical tests with valuable diagnostic use for the physicians.

This web site is addressed to all the physicians and faculty members of the School of Medicine as well as to the phycicians of the National Helthcare System (ESY) and aims on the publicity of the activities of The Unit and their diffusion to the local society.

Constantinos Stathopoulos


Head of the Department of Biochemistry

School of Medicine, University of Patras


Brief history of the Unit

Τhe Unit for Special Biochemical Analyses of the Department of Biochemistry in the School of Medicine operates since October 2009 under the framework of the special Clinical Biochemistry unit of the Department. The etsablishment of the Unit was aprooved by official unanimous decisions, both by the Assembly of the Basic Medical Sciences Sector I (18/5/2009) and the  General Assembly of the School of Medicine (750/22-6-2009). The Unit is supported at its first stage of development by the University of Patras Research Commitee.

Scope of the Unit

The scope of the unit includes the deployment of specific and special diagnostic biochemical protocols and tests in support of the physicians in the clinics of the University Hospital. In addition, the Unit provides the regional community helthcare carriers with diagnostic services that were, until today, absent. The introduction of new special analyses in the clinical diagnostics will upscale the quality of the provided helthcare services and will reduce the cost of nursing. The Unit is focused on the dianosis of many rare diseases and complements specific inadequacies of the private helthcare sector.