Facilities - Human Resources


The Unit for Special Biochemical Analysesn is located at the Department of Biochemistry of the Unoversity of Patras School of Medicine and provides specific and special diagnostic services to the University Hospital.


The state-of-the-art facilities of the Unit include: Automated Isoelectric Focusing System (SEBIA), Autimated ELISA system (BIOTEK) and HPLC (Waters).

Staff of the Unit


Constantinos Stathopoulos (Professor) cstath@med.upatras.gr +302610997932
George Dinos (Professor) dinosg@upatras.gr +302610996125
Konstantina Nika (Assistant Professor) knika@upatras.gr +302610969126
Vasiliki tamatopoulou (Assistant Professor) v.stam@upatras.gr +302610996124
Vasilis Tzounakas (Assistant Professor) vtzounakas@upatras.gr +302610997519


Katerina Grafanaki, ΒSc, MSc, PhD, MD grafanaki@med.upatras.gr +302610997936