Denis Drainas




Academic Position

Professor of Biochemistry

Head of the Department of Biochemistry

Director of the Unit for Special Biochemiscal Analyses

Εducation and Positions

BSc in Biology, Univ. of Athens 1975

PhD in Biochemistry, University of Glasgow, UK 1978 

Research Interests

Studies on RNase P from fungi, bacteria and human cell lines

RNase P as target for the development of novel inhibitors

RNase P as a tool in gene therapy 

Representative publications

1. Kalavrizioti D, Vourekas A, Stamatopoulou V, Toumpeki C, Giannouli S, Stathopoulos C, and Drainas D. (2006) RNA-mediated therapeutics: from gene inactivation to clinical application. Current Topics in Med. Chem. 6, 1737-1758.

2. Vourekas A, Kalavrizioti D, Zarkadis IK, Spyroulias GA, Stathopoulos C, and  Drainas D. (2007). Identification of a gene that encodes a 40.7 kDa protein associated with Dictyostelium discoideum ribonuclease P holoenzyme. Biochimie, 89, 301-310.

3. Kalavrizioti D, Vourekas A, and Drainas D. (2007) DRpp20 and DRpp40, two protein subunits of ribonuclease P from Dictyostelium discoideum. Gene 400, 52-59.

4. Toumpeki C, Vourekas A, Kalavrizioti D, Stamatopoulou V, and Drainas.D. (2008) Activation of bacterial Ribonuclease P by macrolides. Biochemistry 47(13), 4112-4118.

5. Magoulas G, Papaioannou D, Papadimou E,  and Drainas D.  (2009) Preparation of spermine conjugates with acidic retinoids with potent ribonuclease P inhibitory activity. Eur. J. Med. Chem. 2009 Jun;44(6):2689-95

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